Day Porters

Office ParkThe exterior of your property is the first thing a client sees before going inside your business. Ongoing exterior maintenance enhances its appearance and keeps customers returning. Our professional day porters are trained to provide exterior cleaning services to industrial, commercial and retail properties on a regular basis. We will walk the property with you, and design a regular maintenance program suited to meet your specific needs.

Our day porter crews keep in touch throughout the day, so any special requests or emergency clean-ups can be attended to swiftly. We also assess any issues or repairs that may affect your property and report them to you

We offer many services that can be custom tailored to meet your needs:

trashcan• Litter Removal from Daily Traffic
• Cleaning, Hand-Picking
• Clean-Up of Spills
• Trash Receptacle Wipe-Down & Maintenance
• Change & Re-Line Trash Receptacles
• Graffiti Abatement
• Window Washing
• Dusting Mullions
• Dumpster Clean-Up & Maintenance
• Painting

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